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Rental Assistance Services

Rental Assistance Service (Part of Property Management Service) is a division of Agile Property
Management Service which assists the owners to find tenants for their property. We will act as your
representative and provide information of your property to the prospective tenant and arranging for
inspection of the property. We will update you with information on the people visiting and their
feedback on the property.

  1. Agile Property will collect the complete details from the owner of the property along with the rental expected and the previous rental received by the owner. (We have a standard form which can be filled by the owner giving the complete details of the property)
  2. The owner arranges for the inspection of the property.
  3. Discussion with the owner on the type of tenants required.
  1. On discussion with the owner, the property is prepared for renting it out.
    – Agile Property Management will give its views to the owners on the minimum requirement needed to be done in the property for renting it out.
    – It is better that when the prospective tenants come to visit the property, it is to be clean and tidy.
    – If painting is required, it is to be done with consultation with the owner.

Agile Property Management will market the property through online ads, brokers, known sources, association or whatever way possible.

Agile Property Management will filter the interested tenants and screen them and verify the ID Proofs before forwarding them to the owner for approval.

  1. After the owner approves the tenant, Agile Property Management will discuss the terms of lease with the owner and the prospective tenant.
  2. Based on the discussion, Agile Property Management will send a draft of the lease agreement to both the owner and the prospective tenant.
  1. Agile Property Management will take the list of amenities provided by the owner and include them in the draft of the agreement.
  2. Agile Property Management will also take the list of keys that will be handed over to the prospective tenant and include them in the agreement.
  1. Agile Property Management will collect the Security Deposit from the tenant and hand it over to the Owner.
  2. Agile Property Management will get the lease agreement signed by both the owner and the tenant.
  1. After completion of the Lease Agreement formalities and clearing of the Security Deposit (as per the Lease Agreement terms) the keys will be handed over to the Tenant. .


  • The Rental Assistance Fees is 1 month rent plus taxes applicable as per government norms.
  • If the tenant we finalise vacates before the expiry of the lease, we will find another tenant and not charge the rental assistance fees from the Owner.

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